1. 2016 Tilia, Malbec. $9.99. A very nice $10 Malbec but not worthy of the glowing review and 90 points from WA. Simple, soft, fruity... and priced correctly. Grade: B.

2. 2015 El Libre, Malbec. $8.99. Another nice value, full of fruit and spice, simple but fun to drink, and a good value. Grade: solid B.

3. 2014 Diseno, Malbec. $10.99. OK red but with a touch of over ripeness in the nose and flavor. Would not buy it again. Grade: B.

4. 2015 Amano Bianco. $10.99. White blend from Puglia of Greco, Fiano and Falanghina, with 30% of the grapes going through a drying process ("appassimento"). I really enjoyed this wine, a good QPR. A touch of honey in the nose and flavor to go with the citrus and apple flavors. Delicious. Grade: B+.

5. 2015 Carpineto, Chianti Classico. $17.99. The 1971 CCR from Carpineto was my Chianti "epiphany wine" back around 1983 or so. This wine was disappointing, low on fruit, muddled, just not much to recommend it at all. Maybe a bad bottle? Poor provenance on the trip from the winery to our store? Don't know. Wish I had my $ back. frown
Grade: Drinkable but disappointing.

6. 2015 Noble Vines, Sauvignon Blanc. $9.99. San Bernabe vineyard, Monterey. Crisp, fresh, citrus and pear, I really liked this wine! Perfect for shrimps, clams, mussels, etc. Grade: solid B/B+.

7. 2014 Angry Bunch Zinfandel. Lodi. Sample. A typical wine by committee Lodi Zin, big, fruit forward, sweet, creamy. Not my thing but the peeps love this style. Grade: B for that style.

8. 2015 Urban, Sauvignon Blanc, $7.99. Uco Valley, Argentina. I give this wine points for terrific freshness, but it lacked the depth of fruit/flavor in both nose and palate to merit it's 89 point WA gushing review. confused Grade: B.

9. 2016 Santa Luz, Chardonnay "Alba". $7.99. I love their Sauv. Blanc but this wine had too much of a bizarre phony oak flavor in nose and palate. Grade: barely a B for me, but if you LIKE phony oak, a good value. smile

10. 2016 Excelsior Chardonnay, $8.99. Some "breakers" fell into my hands with low levels, apparently leakers, and damaged labels from the leaks, so I did not know what to expect... however, the wines were still quite tasty. Stainless steel. Lots of citrus, like lemon lime, and some green apple, juicy acidity, you might think you were drinking Sauv Blanc if you did not know... but I enjoyed them. The only fault was a touch too much sulfur, which blew off after a vigourous shaking and breathing for a few hours. smile Grade: solid B.

11. 2016 Conde Villar, Vinho Verde, Rose. $8.99. A steal for a pink wine, perfect summer drinking, strawberry and light cherry fruit, light bodied, super crisp with a hint of petillance (prickle on the tongue), chill it down til the ice crystals start to form, then shake to get some extra fizz, and you will be in wine heaven. laugh Grade: B+.

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