AleSmith Brewing Company
Logical Choice 3X India Pale Ale (Collaboration With Pizza Port Brewing Company)
American Double/Imperial IPA
12oz, 6-Pack
Nice two finger head, even surfaced and fairly airy and loose, just off-white in color, retention a bit below average, the lacing comes in random splotches without much stick, slide easily downward. Clear deep golden colored liquid, crystal clear, beads of minuscule bubbles sway inside the glass. The nose has a light dankness, as if for counterpoint to the sweet pink grapefruit, tangerine citrus and mango, guava, nectarine fruit scents, piney, vague breadiness, no rough edges to it and pungent enough to linger for some time. Medium-bodied and closer to light, gentle carbonation, in spite of both of these factors there is a textural sappiness. The tingle builds as pepperiness and pine take hold, notes of quinine and Serrano ham. Gluey grapefruit, lime, tangelo citrus present throughout. Sweeter fruit here, green melon, pear, apricot and mango. Very well balanced and manages to do a lot with a compact array of components, as if pared away inessentials and this was what was left. Drinkability is very high for the ABV. Kudos for not trying too hard chasing forced complexity.
5 out of 5