Tried these two on Sat night:
1. G.D.Vajra LuigiBaudana Dragon DOC: LangheBianco (13.5%;; Chard/SauvBlanc/Nascetta+Riesling; SS only) Serralunga d'Alba/Barolo 2016: color w/ tiny bubbles; rather fragrant R-like/floral melony/Chard/ripe lovely nose; soft rather CO2-refreshed/ersatz acidity quite floral/melony/Chard/mango lightly spicy bit tangy/metallic flavor; med.long floral/melony/Chard/mango bit soft/ripe slight CO2-refreshed/tingly finish; quite an attractive bit R-like nose but doesn't deliver the impact on the palate. $20.00 (SFW&S)
2. Atlantique CabFranc IGP: Val de Loire (12%; WellOiled WineCompany) GAW/Puilboreau 2016: Light garnet/watermelon color; very light cranberry/watermelon slight herbal/CabFranc/spicy pleasant enough nose; lightly tart light watermelon/cranberry slight herbal/dusty/CabFranc rather weak/vapid/watery slight tangy/earthy flavor; short vapid/watery light watermelon/herbal/CabFranc finish; a pleasant enough nose but pretty vapid/watery on the palate.
$11.00 (KK)
1. The Baudana...another white refreshed w/ CO2. If they're going to monkey around w/ the acidity, do it w/ tartaric. not CO2.