I have, of course, bought a fair number of Kermit Lynch wines over the yrs and, in fact, back in the '70's, met the guy in his store in Berkeley.

They are in National distribution and available here in NM and to purchase on-line. I find, often, that their wines tend to be a bit on the pricey side.

I was just up in Denver/Boulder and picked up the usual odd stuff, mostly Italy, that I tend to buy. Freisa/Terrano/Fumin/Mayolet/etc. Weird stuff that interests me. I was noticing as I log them in that many of them were from Kermit Lynch.

So I took a look at their WebSite and found a whole ton of interesting producers. I had no idea that KL had penetrated the Italian market so deeply.

Also on their WebSite, I see that Bruce Neyers is still the head of their National distribution. I thought he'd left to run his wnry long ago exclusively. I also see that Kermit is a musician and has several of his CDs for sale there.

Take away...I need to pay more attention to the KL wines.