Ciao amici,

Had a wonderful wine dinner at my friend's crib in PA last week. Another friend, Jeff Vaughn, took these excellent notes and saved me the trouble. smile

Jeff wrote:

2006 Tezza Amarone della Valpolicella Valpantena, "Brolo delle Giare" Corvina Blend, Corvina

Rich, red fruits and spice accents. Perhaps from wood? Very slight sweetness but buffered with plenty of acidity. Good, but outside of my wheelhouse. Too big for Ann. We are not the biggest fans of Amarone.

1995 Casanova di Neri, Brunello di Montalcino, "Tenuta Nuova", Sangiovese

Decanted for about an hour. Earthy aromas with a hint of orange peel. Darker toned fruit with nice acidity. Earthy, spice accents. Drinking well and Ann liked it, too. Seems to have plenty of life left.

1997 Dante Rivetti Barbaresco, "Bricco de Neueis", Riserva, Nebbiolo

Decanted for about an hour. Classic tar and hints of roses and mint on the nose. Smells great. Darker toned fruit, with lots of acidity. A touch more dense than the Marcarini and Ann preferred this one. Very good. I wish I had more.

1997 Marcarini, Barolo "La Serra", Nebbiolo

Decanted for about an hour. Nose of earth, leather, mushroom and mint. Plenty of acid and still a little fine tannin remaining. A mix of red and black fruit but more on the red side. This is leaner than the Rivetti. Both were very good but I think I preferred this slightly. I had the 97 Brunate a few months ago, and these are both drinking very well. I look forward to trying more Marcarini."

Dave: Naturally I loved the Amarone (being an Amarone "appasionato" (fan)) smile and thought it in perfect condition and drinking well right now, no need for further aging although it should hold up well for many more years. 15% alcohol. Yes, I brought it so I am biased. smile

Like Jeff, I preferred the Marcarini to the Rivetti but thought both delicious and drinking perfectly now. The Brunello was also in perfect condition but can easily be held for longer.

Finally, I had a bottle of 1995 Tenuta Caparzo, Brunello di Montalcino, "La Casa" a few weeks ago. A few bottles found their way into my hands recently and I cracked one with leg of lamb. The wine is beautiful, excellent cherry red/brick color, glowing and healthy, with slightly orange rim, mature. Very spicy, complex nose of dusty red cherries, wood spice and a touch of tobacco/smoky incense, silky smooth on the palate, good acidity with little tannin noticed, decanted 24 hours before dinner, it was even better the next night (48 hours later), then went into a fade. No need to hold this any longer. Grade: A- now, probably an easy A earlier in it's life cycle.

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