Barale Barbaresco 1995

Imported by Wine Appellations, CA 13%

This was decanted for about 2 hours. Like the other Barale wines I've had, this was ready to go when opened and didn't change or improve much after being opened.

I highly recommend this wine. I haven't had a ton of Barbaresco but this is one of the better ones I've had. The wine had a lot of energy and was exuberant. Intense, spicy, acidic, full of flavor. A brash, in your face wine that was not feminine. Aromatically strong as well. I think the only knock on this wine is a slight lack of charm, depth or lack of a feminine side. Riserva quality wine. It's almost a little too brash. Went great with leg of goat.

I'm not sure how often/much Barale makes a straight Barbaresco. I see the Rabaja from the early 80's and a Serraboella (sp?) recently. I own some Barbaresco Riserva from him but I don't see much of the straight Barbaresco.