Tyranena Brewing Company
Headless Man Amber Alt
12oz, 6-Pack
Modest finger's worth of light tan foam, even surface, below average retention, meager lacing. The liquid is bright and shiny in spite of a slight silty film, brown in hue with an orange tint, only a few random sluggish bubbles visible. Sweet grains, cocoa, malt and a cleansing mineral water and earthiness to it, interesting blend of apricot, apple, plum to cherry fruit scents, moderate staying power. Light to medium-bodied, tight carbonated tingle, here the mineral water aspect stronger although that cocoa, caramel malt makes a good showing through the mouth entry. Bready, if not doughy, as it unfolds with a light nuttiness and peach, apricot, yellow apple fruit. Perks up some through the finish and certainly not overly sweet, just too demure for its own good.
3 out of 5