AleSmith Brewing Company
San Diego Pale Ale .394 (San Diego-Style Pale Ale)
American Pale Ale
12oz, 6-Pack
Two fingers of light tan to off white foam, airy enough to swiftly dimple yet retention is excellent once it closes in on the liquid surface, the lacing is initially broad, lacks stickiness so the sheets easily fall prey to gravity. The liquid is a dark coppery orange with a mild haziness, the carbonation bubbles are super tiny but active, few beads. Tart and penetrating nose of crackers, salt and pepper, fresh leafy green matter, no softening elements such as pine or citrus, unvarnished, the malts stick to the shadows and do not offer any distinct aromas, overall persistence is average. Medium-bodied, fluffs up immediately as the carbonation pushes it out towards the cheeks. However, it's too dry to really be soft and the overall discernible bitterness does not make for a satiny smooth ride. Here tangerine, blood orange citrus and a tiny bit of pine do freshen the mouth entry, the pineapple, nectarine, peach fruit yet struggles to find a clear voice, not that juicy. More cracker and biscuit, not that much salving maltiness. The alcohol level is low and entirely unobtrusive. Some metallic, minerally residue at the end. Drinkability is fine but hard to imagine having more than two in a row.
3 out of 5