Bare Hands Brewery
Honey Badger Double India Pale Ale
American Double/Imperial IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Big two finger head, creamily thick with very good retention and a dense weave, basic white color, lacing forms big splotches across the glass. Deep golden colored liquid, clean without haze, widely dispersed fat bubbles. Big, breezy nose of floral perfume, honey, fresh pine sap, sappy apricot, pineapple fruit, some cracker and sweeter malts in the background, great expansiveness in your nostrils without tiresomely attempting to impress. Full-bodied, starts off more bitter with stinging grassiness before broadening into croissant and danish baked notes, honey, and tangerine citrus. Piney but less floral here, surprising given the nose. The peach, apricot to pineapple, melon fruit sweet and less forceful. The thickness makes it less poundable, probably two cans would be the max for one sitting, particularly with the ABV. As in the nose, deserves kudos for making an impression without forcing the issue. Finish is extended and sweet, not looking for clean punctuation although the pine able to tease out some complementary herbal lift. A well done beer, however, at the price paid for a 4-pack not to be revisited.
4 out of 5