Ciao famiglia,

Some Tuscans that we carry in my store.

1. 2015 Poliziano, Rosso di Montepulciano. $14.99. I made some lamb recently and had this with it. Poliziano is a very good house in my experience, and their Vino Nobile is worth seeking out. This Rosso was very nice, starting with a beautiful old school cherry red/brick color, floral nose of spicy cherries, violets and "Tuscan dust", medium bodied mouth feel, cherries and raspberry fruit, good acidity and nice finish. Just a very satisfying red. Grade: B+.

2. 2015 Dievole, Chianti Classico. $19.99. Similar to the Poliziano in color, old school Sangiovese wine with that brick/garnet/slight orange color which I love. Very aromatic, cherries, spice and a hint of tobacco, nice juicy palate, crisp acidity, medium finish, I liked this wine, which was a sample given to me by the rep. Grade: solid B/B+.

3. 2013 Dievole, Chianti Classico Riserva, "Novecento". $34.99. Another sample, this big brother to the CC has a deeper, richer color, but retains the spice and deep cherry fruit of its baby brother, although in this case perhaps more of a black cherry than red, more complex than the CC, needs a few more years to show its best although it is fine to drink tonight. Lots of cherry and raspberry fruit, a hint of leather perhaps, fine acidity. A very nice CCR. Grade: B+/A-.

4. 2015 Selvapiana, Chianti Rufina. $19.99. The least of the wines mentioned in this post, which disappointed me because back in the day I used to love their CRR and expected much more from this. It had a nice garnet color, but the nose was muted and the palate dull, I just had to shake my head and ask "What happened"? Way overpriced at $19.99. Grade: barely a B, and that is being generous due to fond memories. smile

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