Three Floyds Brewing Company
Battle Of Charro II (An Imperial Brett India Pale Ale With Cherry Juice And Cherry Flavor)
American Double/Imperial IPA
22oz, Single
Meager head, thin dusting across the surface, darker tan color, no lacing. The liquid is a semi-opaque orange to brown color, muddy yellow at the rims, hard to see any carbonation. Impressively powerful cherry presence in the nose, the brett likewise cuts a clear oath for itself, after that hard to really tease much else out, ginger root, lemon juice yet any herbal hoppiness only momentarily shows through. Medium to full-bodied, largely due to the cherry juice weight. Here the hoppy bite able to coalesce some and pair up with the brett to give it a charge. The cherry takes over thereafter and through to the finish. Nicely yeasty with a hint of vanilla bean. No other fruit flavor present except that cherry. The mouth feel is turbulent right up to rough. Unfortunately, not much more to say, does not develop any new nuances as you sip more, just runs amok.
2 out of 5