Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.
Fire, Skulls & Money India Pale Ale
American IPA
22oz, Single
Average head, about one finger with weak retention, clean white color, same for the lacing, meager and short lived. The liquid is fully cloudy, not even a hint of clarity, it basically is a glass of orange juice and with pulp added, you can see one or two tiny bubble beads clinging to the glass sides. No real dankness in the nose, but pine, tarry earth, orange to tangerine citrus and apple, peach, apricot fruit that is more direct than concentrated, oddly flutters away on you just when you are starting to really get into it. In the mouth it's full-bodied but has sufficient carbonated churn to it to avoid heaviness. Slightly funky, earthy and the grassiness is like bagged leafy matter that gets overly pungent. Pine and orange citrus here too, no real pretty floral side to it. Mango, nectarine, peach to pear fruit that is more basic juicy than tart tropical, up to the task, no great splash but consistent. No real hoppy bite. For all of its heft does not seem to be forcing itself on you, you can keep sipping without get tired or starting to push back. However, in the final analysis a touch nondescript and lacking a "signature" component to fix your gaze.
3 out of 5