Finch's Beer Co.
Stache In The Wood (Ale With Vanilla Beans Added And Aged In Whisky Barrels)
American Stout
22oz, Single
Be careful when you pour or the head will take up more than half the pint glass, luckily it sizzles off rapidly, as airy as it is, maintains a flat surface, very dark brown in color, not a lot of lacing and about zero stickiness. The liquid is pure black and opaque, however, there's an insane sheet of bubbles rising against the glass sides. The nose is boozy with caramel, wood smoke and butterscotch notes, vanilla bean and cola bean, plum to prune fruit and maraschino cherries, while outsized does manage to avoid being misshapen, seems much more alcoholic than the stated ABV. Full-bodied, nice basic roast to it with notes of coffee and mocha, plenty of vanilla bean too but loses a great deal of the barrel accents. Likewise no burn on the palate and possessed of a smooth, creamy texture. Raisin, plum to date fruit takes precedence with some fresher cherry, blueberry in reserve. Touch of cinnamon to ginger at times. Is it unique or trailblazing? Not so much. But if you want a more bombastic stout with those barrel accents this is quite competent. More focus and crisp contours to the flavors would help yet the main ingredients do not lack for staying power.
4 out of 5