Down The Road Beer Co.
Seventh Star IPA
American IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Big, close to three fingers head of cream white froth, large divots form in the surface as it evaporates but the overall retention level is good, lacing is basically just a few random splotches, nothing noteworthy. The hazy liquid remains bright if fully translucent, golden to lighter orange in hue, no beads just random bubbles. The nose has a dank and leafy foundation over which floats pretty floral notes, tangerine citrus, pine and moderately deep mango, apricot, peach fruit scents, little bit of everything and does not go long on any one element. Some initial bitterness through the attack but after that rounds into a plush, juicy experience highlighting pink grapefruit, tangelo citrus as well as peach, melon, mango fruit. Cocoa that verges on coffee bean and some honey and bread dough keep it smooth even as the carbonation churns up a much bigger storm than expected. The damp herbaceousness outlasts the fruit at the end. Lots of flavor but it too often feels pulled in opposite direction and comes off indecisive.
3 out of 5