Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island
Captain's Daughter Double IPA
American Double/Imperial IPA
Rhode Island
12oz, 4-Pack
Offers up two fingers of cream white foam with very good retention and a dimpled surface, the lacing is a touch wispy but what's there sticks well. The liquid is extremely cloudy and opaque, a bright yellow near the surface and darkens into an orange juice appearance further into the glass, only a few trace bubbles visible. The nose has a naked cleanliness to it, great clarity among the elements, from the white grapefruit pith to the freshly mown grass, pepper, pine sap to the tropical mango, papaya, passion fruit scents, the malts linger in the background, overall well mannered. Medium-bodied, takes a more forceful stance here in the more, dry and somewhat tightly wound. The carbonation adds a soft fluffiness but nothing to challenge that dryness. Broad array of mango, peach, pineapple, green melon fruit, sweetly expansive during the mouth entry. The herbaceousness comes with a metallic edge, biting as you swallow. The pine more sappy, sticky here. But clean finish and without sour residue so you can fully reset for the next sip.
4 out of 5