Three Floyds Brewing Company
The Mexorcist (Aztec Style Double India Pale Ale Brewed With Corn And Agave)
American Double/Imperial IPA
22oz, Single
Overly aggressive head that fills half the pint glass, albeit it burns off very quickly being comprised all but entirely of larger bubbles, conversely though the lacing forms big blotches which refuse to budge. The liquid is filmy and seems to have a fine sediment mixed in throughout, light rust water color, no beads but one big swarm of active bubbles. Huge burst of corn syrup at first in the nose, honey and caramel, still it has that Three Floyds musky hops thing going on, like getting hit in the head with a sock full of wet hops, tangerine to lime citrus, pork rinds, pine resin, apricot, papaya, cantaloupe fruit scents, nothing subtle about it seems to sneer at harmonious integration. Full-bodied, expansive mouth feel, juicy and wet. Gentle carbonation, background noise. Here the agave strides to the fore with lime juice and it can taste like a beer chaser with the aftertaste of tequila. Can be floral at times, on the whole sour rather than say the bitterness of hops. The sugariness of the citrus and peach, apricot, mango fruit salves most wounds. Its off center nature is attractive and it is easy to quaff. More Aztec style than IPA but that's a popular base to work off of these days.
3 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (10-01-2017 18:23:58)