AntonioGalloni has a new report on SantaBarbara:
where the main focus seems to be on the Pinot/Chard paradigm, a sidewise glance at Syrah, and a neglect of many of the other exciting things going on in SantaBarbara.
I was particularly amused & broke out into a big gaffaw over his "What I Did Not Like This Year" comment:
Originally Posted By: "Antonio"
SantaBarbara Nebbiolo is not Barolo or Barbaresco

Well.....doh !! I think SteveClifton's Nebbs are first rate/world-class...with some age on them. As are JimClendenen's. And Marisa & Kris' Bevela Teroldego is right up there w/ Elisabetta's.
Anyway, an interesting, if a bit superficial, read.