WarPigs Brewpub (Three Floyds and Mikkeller Collaboration)
Lazurite India Pale Ale
American IPA
12oz, 6-Pack
Basic finger's worth of just cream white hue, slightly mottled surface, what's there has very good retention while the lacing forms attractively long, thin streaks. Light haze to the liquid, coppery orange color and consistent throughout, active and loosely aggregated bubbles. At first the nose is all bright tangerine to pink grapefruit citrus but as you acclimate to it the dank leafiness and pine sap come through, peppercorns and pumpernickel bread, eventually the mango, nectarine, apricot to pineapple fruit most assertive. Full-bodied with a very steady prickle from the carbonation, luckily prevents things from getting too thick and goopy. More floral here yet the citrus takes a sour turn into white grapefruit and blood orange. Wide berth for the peach, apricot, mango, pear fruit, the juiciness prevents undue dryness. The pine and pepper recede back but here the leafy hoppiness has no dankness, just brighter grassiness. The malts contribute to the smooth texture more than provide more than a hint of caramel and breadiness. Outside of the bold fruitiness it is well integrated and harmonious.
4 out of 5