Interesting article in the WS by RobertCamuto:
on the "Collio Problem".
The Collio producers feel there are too many varieties and winemaking styles that the "true" identity of the Collio is being lost in the noise and consumers are not having a true appreciation of their wines. Perhaps..but the diversity of the wines from Collio and Brda are what makes, to me, the area so interesting.
Their solution is a DOCG identification for a Collio Grandes Selezione, that must be 50%-70% Friulano, and the balance Malvasia and Ribolla. least the emphasis is on local/indigenous varieties.
And the wine will come in a "unique angular bottle". Ah...yes...the secret to marketing your "unique" wine. It's the exact same reason the bocksbuetel has made Francoina wines the most popular of all Germany. :-)
But the emphasis is on indigenous native varities. So maybe Chard and SauvBlanc will fade into the sunset for Collio? Actually, the Collio SauvBlancs are some of my favorite SauvBlancs.
But they have not abandoned the workhorse PinotGrigio. There will be a Collio PinotGrigio Superiore, set to new standards. 100% barrel ferment, aged in 100% new Fr.oak, full can hardly wait. :-)
Anyway, despite my [potstir.gif], the article is a good read on one of my favorite areas.