I don't usually read Southern Glazer's The SOMM Journal since I was dropped from their freeby subscription list. Too many vapid articles and pics of hot chicks/cool dudes. But has I was browsing Barnes&Noble in KC last week, I noticed it sitting there on the shelf and picked it up to browse. Say whot....right there on the cover of the current issue is a familiar face....Molly Hill of SequoiaGrove. (Sorry...no link to the on-line issue is yet available).

Molly (no relation...but the niece of Susan's) is. in reality, the winemaker these days at SequoiaGrove. Mike Trujillo is something like director of winemaking or some such, but Molly is the day-to-day winemaker and responsible for making SG the very good wnry it is today.
The feature focuses mostly on Molly w/ many of the usual platitudes of making wines true to their terroir and with balance. But it's nice to see Molly being given due credit for what she does at SG. The article (correctly) highlights that SG makes some of the best NapaVlly Cabs that are actually affordable to mere mortals. Though not a Cab fan, I think there are really quite good. And the full lineup produced at SG are quite good.

Alas, the article only give token credit to SG founder JimAllen. Mike praises Andre Tchelistcheff and Tony Soter for their early contributions to SG. But it was Jim, according to how he tells it, that plucked Mike out of Colorado and taught him much of his winemaking skills. Skills that Jim would be the first to credit to Andre and Tony's contributions.
Anyway, an article worth reading when the digital/on-line edition comes out.

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