Massolino Barolo Riserva Vigna Rionda 1990

Rionda is a world famous Serralunga vineyard.

Purchased on release. This wine smelled fantastic even before I got the cork out. It was a 100 pt nose and I was excited! Exactly my favorite style of wine. Full bodied and rich nose. After leaving it open for an hour and decanting it for 3, we had it with some roast beef in hazelnut sauce and polenta. By dinner, the nose was gone and the wine was average/mediocre. I didn't take notes because there was nothing to take notes of, really. I've had this happen only once before, where a barolo smelled/tasted fantastic on opening and then was gone after a few hours decant. Coincidentally, it was also a 1990. Next time, I'm going to open it right before serving it. Seems like a sign of decline. Disappointing wine. I have one more to try. I don't think I'll wait too much longer at this rate.

I read in an interview with Massolino where it said that Giacosa was helping them out with their wine. That may have been a translation error but I thought it was interesting. The interview was from quite a while ago.


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