Carton Brewing Company
Unjunct Stout
American Stout
New Jersey
16oz, 4-Pack
Extremely dark brown foam, crests just short of two fingers, fairly airy so it sizzles off at a steady pace, the lacing starts off strong but lacks stickiness and slides away with ease. The liquid is a predictably impenetrable black, no ability to visually gauge the carbonation and minimal if any orange or yellow coloration around the rims. Nice strong roast to the nose, coffee and cocoa, not arch but not depending too much on sweetness, plum, fig, white grape fruit scents, tar and charcoal, cola bean, manages to pack a lot in there without seeming overbearing. In the mouth it is more medium-bodied but certainly bottom heavy and not that inclined to move. Carbonation is subtle to void. Sweeter here with fresh cream, dark chocolate, licorice, cola to toffee notes. Conversely, steady flow of bitterer coffee and chicory accents. No astringency and alcohol managed well, less roasty. Fig, golden raisin, cherry fruit, retains that white grape to apple embellishment. Finishes dryly and the savory components last longest. As advertised, a more classic rendition yet with the clarity to let the complexity march to its own beat. Very nice.
5 out of 5