Tyranena Brewing Company
Carnal Knowledge Double Oatmeal Stout (Brewers Gone Wild! Series)
American Double/Imperial Stout
12oz, 4-Pack
An aggressive pour yields about a finger of deep brown foam, disappears at a breakneck pace, you can see it evaporate, lacing close to nonexistent. Unblemished black liquid, you can see a few bubbles break the surface otherwise it's an onyx block. There's an odd evasiveness to the nose, reluctant to fully share the licorice, oatmeal, milk chocolate with plum/prune and black cherry fruit scents, while you sense there's something lurking in the shadows, there it all remains. Medium-bodied, sugary sweet as if chaptalized wine, heavy cream, milk chocolate, licorice, caramel, the oatmeal more subtle and most likely adds smoothness and volume to the mouth feel. Red berry, cherry fruit and a touch of grape add some dimension. The carbonation does very little to add pep so the flavors don't dance together. No alcoholic burn. On the whole the array of flavors is pleasing but it all needs a conductor to breathe life into it. Otherwise it tends to remain flat footed.
3 out of 5