Bare Hands Brewery
Thai.p.a. (An American IPA Brewed With Citrus Thai Spices)
American IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Crests over two fingers, just off white but still bright, dimpled surface, looks airy but retention is good, lacing initially broad yet without sticky staying power. The liquid is either a dark yellow or bright coppery orange, take your pick, clear with steady carbonation if not tight beads. Persistent Thai aromas without being pushy about it, very nice lemongrass, lime and ginger just as advertised, lightly peppery with chili pepper notes, after you get used to the Thai element the leafy dankness more evident, hard to discern any clear fruit scents, average length in the nostrils. Medium-bodied, not creamy but the carbonation is active enough to create an expanding mouth feel. The lime very present here and sweetens the spiciness. Cleaner herbaceousness, piney, and with a vague bready character. Nectarine, pineapple, to peach fruit of slim dimensions. Make no bones about it, the focus is on highlighting the Thai spices and the "IPA" is second fiddle throughout. That said, this is well done and not exaggerated which was quite possible.
4 out of 5