Other Half Brewing Co.
Cream Of Broccoli Imperial India Pale Ale
American Double/Imperial IPA
New York
16oz, 4-Pack
Single finger head of off white foam, even surface and you can see it rapidly sizzle off to a thin surface dusting, the lacing forms big splotches but has no stick. Thick and cloudy liquid, softly glowing orange as it holds the light inside, impossible to see all the way through but you can just make out the bubbles breaking the surface. Wet pregnant cloud in the nose of grapefruit juice, pine sap, tar, tobacco leaf, patchouli oil and nectarine, pineapple, guava fruit scents, seems intent on steamrolling through your nostrils, not overly sweet but nowhere near drying so sweet will have to do. In the mouth it's full-bodied with a creamy mouth feel which would be soft were it not for the subtly insistent push from the carbonation. Kaleidoscope of citrus, pink grapefruit, tangerine, lime, lemon. Less tarry and more straightforward dank hoppy but always stays closer to clean. The pineapple, white grape, apple to apricot fruit takes a step back in intensity. Indian spices and a very vague breadiness and cereal grains, the malts are more textural than produce specific flavors. Given its heft as well as ABV it has high drinkability. Helps to really like citrus.
4 out of 5