Victoria, Australia
Yarra Valley
Stephanie's Dream
Cabernet Sauvignon
Impenetrably opaque purple core with a strong glow, heavyset scarlet rims, plays the part well visually. Incredibly minty nose, so much menthol, blends in orange peel, damp leather, cedar, incense and resonant plum, cherry fruit, very pungent, swirls around inside your nostrils for some time. Medium-bodied, acidic with bite that wakes you right up, thick mint and menthol here too verging on pine. More of the orange peel, dried leather as well as parched stone. No real tannin to ground it, flies high throughout. More of that borderline superripe plum, cherry, dark berry fruit. A real teeth rattler with energy to spare. Hard to imagine nuanced tertiary development, hits the right notes as is though. (Composite Cork: Diam)
90 points