Firestone Walker Brewing Company
Agrestic (Barrelworks) (American Wild Red Ale)
Saison/Farmhouse Ale
12.7oz, Single
Finger of very openly woven foam that is gone almost wen you pour it, eggshell white with a good deal of larger bubbles, the lacing looks like an exploding Mandelbrot set. The liquid is clear and an orange tinged reddish-brown, huge storm of bubbles fill things below the surface. The nose is sour but too full to wield a sharpened blade, sour oak with dill notes, dried yeast bits, sour cherries, pulped lemons, and autumn forest floor matter, not as aggressive nor longlasting as expected. Medium-bodied, creamy mouth feel allows it to soak in right off the bat, most sour as it finishes and as residue. The cherry aspect shines brightest and the sour oak pops in and out. More citric bite and here you get more of the underlying caramel, butterscotch, especially if allowed to warm. Earthy and leafy, a few notes of tar or black tea leaf. Carbonation is expansive and supports both the creaminess and well as fresher ending. Flavors fade at the end leaving the tingling sensation of the sourness behind. Tactful to the point of sacrificing focus.
3 out of 5