Donnhoff, Weingut Hermann
Nahe, Germany
Grosses Gewachs Trocken AP #28
The lustrous golden color is beginning to show some deepening from age, no drop off at the rims. Nicely smoky nose with a tart blend of lemon and lime, mineral and stone dust, smattering of mint and lilacs, develops minor rubber notes as it warms, the pineapple, mango, kiwi fruit scents lively, persists well with plenty of oily weight in the nostrils. Full-bodied, a lot more floral here yet with a roughhewn dustiness. Stronger rubber and oil slick accents as well as ginger spice here, the citrus takes on a more tangerine to pink grapefruit hue. Tighter weave in the pineapple, pear, green apple to peach fruit but less length. Here too ends with a minty freshness despite a yeasty quality which hides in the margins. A well thought out package, at this juncture it is reasonable to expect elevation in the rubbery/oily stuff but more likely the fruit just loses intensity.
90 points