Lieser, Weingut Schloss
Mosel Saar Ruwer, Germany
Juffer Sonnenuhr
Grosses Gewachs Trocken AP #9
Clean white to golden straw hue with a subtly green cast, basic in its appeal. Strong thickness to the nose, does not release all it seems to have yet you receive fresh rubber, lemon custard, some lime citrus as well, serene yellow apple fruit, dappling of molasses, for its weight and power in your nostrils has balance too. Medium-bodied, the acidity shows well during the attack then releases prematurely. The lime, pink grapefruit flavors close to a soft drink quality with a noticeable alternation between sweet and sour. Its latent energy sometimes gets in the way of smoothly flowing apple, apricot, peach fruit. Needs to warm to produce diesel fumes, wet slate accents. On the whole it's soft and generous and nowhere near dry. Not sure it has substantial development ahead.
89 points