We lost two of our own last weekend:
SethKunin died of a heart attack in his sleep. I first met him when he was working at the WineCask. When I walked in, he came up & introduced himself and we became fast friends immediately. Walked out w/ more wine than I should have. He then opened a restaurant there in SantaBarbara that was very good that I ate at several times. He then started KuninWines. Very good/well-made/solid wines. A tireless promoter of SBC wines. I would see him at tasting events and he'd always recognize me and have a few good words for me.

RonRawlinson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting his girlfriend in SLO. Really quite a tragedy for two families.
I first met Ron at his wine shop some 25 yrs ago down near the Amtrack station in SLO. Again walked out w/ more wines than I should. These guys always know an easy mark. He was known as Ron: The Wine Guy. In fact, I still have one of his WineGuy hats. I would see him frequently at various wine events, particularly when he would somm at HdR. Very friendly guy whom I liked quite a lot.

All pretty sad.

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