Tried this Sat night:
1. Setzer GrunerVeltliner (12%; SkurnikWines; EB) Niederosterreich 2016: Light yellow color; light fruity/GV rather simple nose; soft/flat lightly fruity/GV dilute/simple flavor; rather short soft simple fruity/GV slight metallic rather watery/vapid finish; speaks of GV w/ a whisper; a simple dull/vapid lightly gruity GV; a veritable Charles Shaw of Austria. $13.00/litre (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I'm always excited to try a new producer from Austria. The Skurnik Imports gave some insurance that this'd be good, even though it was not a TerryTheiseSlctn. But the cheap price should have been a tip-off. Pretty dull stuff that doesn't even rise to the level of jug wine.

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