Very interesting article in Wines&Vines:
on the rising popularity of the Sauvignon Musque clone (as opposed to the more common Wente clone) in Monterey because of the better farming.
I was glad that the article gave credit to DougMeador (a man who doesn't get the recognition he deserves for his viticulture work for all Calif) for bringing it commercial success in Monterey. I, of course, followed DougMeador/Ventana from the very start in the late '70's. His first SauvBlancs (Wente clone) were dreadful, very herbaceous & vegetal & weedy. I remember when I first tasted his Sauv Musque w/ Doug and telling him the "Wow...this is something different".
I think the DryCreekVnyds Taylor's SauvMusque is one of the finest SauvBlancs made in Calif. I wish more wineries would identify their SB's as Musque when they use it.
Anyway...a nice read on a varietal that (like Semillon) should get more respect.