AleSmith Brewing Company
Grand Cru Ale
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
25.4oz, Single
Modest head of deep tan color, struggles to reach one finger and after reaching the surface really barely covers half of it, no lacing to speak of, of course these aspects are not all that pertinent to this category of beer. Amber to brown hued liquid, would certainly have pleasant shine were it not for the vast amount of particulate floating inside which takes up as much space as liquid per se, extremely random fat bubbles laze up towards the surface. While the nose features German chocolate cake, toffee, butterscotch to cola bean elements, it can jab too with both meadow grassiness and a vinous quality which evokes green grapes next to the plum, cherry scents, mild doughiness, more compact when colder, more layered as it warms. Full-bodied although it does shed weight rapidly past the mid-palate. Carbonation is weak so the sugars accrue, albeit here too it displays spine. Not that boozy, no burn nor headiness. Banana, bubblegum, golden raisin, grapes and maraschino cherries abound. The yeastiness like unbaked pie crust. Molasses, brown sugar and a subtle coffee bean roast. Turns things around and finishes surprisingly dry. Tastes classic and unforced.
5 out of 5