Eddy, Tom
Napa Valley, California
Cabernet Sauvignon
Dull blackish core with red brick rims that show more yellow than orange, matured appearance and on the whole free of filminess. Heavy nose, musky with damp potpourri and patchouli notes, cedar as well as damp matted straw and earth clumps, roasted character to the plum, cherry scents and without much sense of movement, no real greenness and any oak is crisp rather than creamy, sweet. Medium-bodied, gritty tannic mouth feel, like rougher sandpaper. Feels alcoholic, especially for the relatively tame ABV. Vanilla powder, cedar and incense doll up the moderately sweet cherry, black currant fruit. Here too there's no sign of greenness as an overt flaw. The fruit is not dried out but the end result right now is boring. Hard to imagine future improvement, tannin gonna be clamping down long after the fruit is gone.
88 points