Here are a few of the many wines I have tasted since June, many were typical WBC (wine by committee) wines that are not worth my time reporting anymore. Wines aged in bourbon barrels and now rum barrels are the latest rage - depressing. smile

1. 2016 Aveleda, Vinho Verde. $9.99. Fresh, very crisp, lemony, simple but fun and satisfying. Slight petillance. Grade: Stud.

2. 2015 Porcupine Ridge, Syrah. S.Africa. Sample. Guess a retail price of about $10-12? Nice dark, rich Syrah. Worth a try. Grade: Stud.

3. 2015 Tortoise Creek, Pinot Noir. CA. About $14 or so. I liked this, nice fruity, simple but delicious Pinot. Fresh. Floral. Grade: Stud.

4. 2016 Marques de Caceres, Verdejo Rueda. Spain. Sample. About $12 or so? REALLY liked this intense, minerally, apple and pear infused beauty, with excellent acidity. A real QPR. Grade: Stud.

5. 2016 Sella y Mosca, Vermentino. Sardinia. $12.99. I bought a bottle of the new vintage of this long time favorite of mine. Still rocking it. Fresh, crisp, loaded with fresh fruit, minerally, just a real nice fish wine. Grade: Stud.

6. 2016 Chocapalha, Arinto. Portugal. $10.99. Wow, what a gorgeous wine for a ridiculously low price. Intense fruit, juicy acidity, it edged out the Vermentino I had with it side by side. Grade: Stud.

7. 2015 Ramos, Reserva. Red blend from Portugal (Alentejano). $9.99. Seemed a touch thin on fruit and high on acid for me to give it stud status, but still drinkable and not a dud either. Guess I was hoping for more. Grade: pass.

8. 2015 Wines of Substance (Charles Smith), Cabernet. Washington State. $16.99. Big review (92 points) from one of the leading critics and I received many fine comments from customers, but I thought this pretty dull and pedestrian and WAY over rated. Maybe, hopefully, it was an off bottle (?). This bottle was definitely a Dud.

9. 2016 Atalaya, "Laya". $8.99. Spain. Blend of Monastrell and Grenache. A steal at this price, the deep colored wine is loaded with lavender and blackberries. I was shocked as previous vintages did not impress me like this one. Grade: Stud and big QPR.

10. 2016 St. Cosme, Cotes du Rhone. $14.99. Dark, rich red, seems young, needs a few years in the cellar to soften up, but lots of potential. Not your typical CdR. Grade: Stud.

11. 2015 Roland Lavantureux, Petite Chablis. $19.99. A gift to me from a customer! Excellent wine, chalky, minerally apple, pear and a touch of banana, medium bodied, good acidity, no sign of new oak anywhere, my type of Chard. An excellent choice for shellfish. Grade: Stud.


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