New Glarus Brewing Company
Staghorn Octoberfest Beer
12oz, 6-Pack
Frothy and close to two finger head of off-white foam, retention is about average and lacing has better stick than expected, sinewy streaks. Deep coppery orange color, closer to brown than red, the bubbles tend to be fat and more scattered than in beads. Crisp, fresh nose of hard caramel candy, milk chocolate powder, challah bread and glazed nuts, never too sweet and a few grassy notes stiffen it well, murmur of apple and apricot fruit scents. Medium-bodied, good firmness and here too freshness trumps sweetness. Mineral water, orange zest, white pepper and unprocessed grains stand up to the caramel, honey and graham cracker to pie crust components. Carbonation pulsates well and favors the drier parts. Not particularly fruity, same white pit fruit, apple to pear as found in the nose. No real hoppiness here yet never seems to slouch. Not a lot of stuffing to it and one has to assume that was the point, a traditional and "sessionable" take on the style. As such, have to consider this a food beer and not a heavy sipper on its own. Can see some loving it, some not so much.
4 out of 5