Three Floyds Brewing Company
Toxic Maltz Belgian Style Ale
Belgian Strong Pale Ale
22oz, Single
Thin head, just a light white dusting across the surface with a few thin accompanying lacing streaks. Dark golden color to the liquid with a surprising amount of fat bubbles rising throughout, hard to imagine they do not translate into anything meaningful on the surface. The nose is full-on yeast and lees, pumpernickel bread, orange marmalade, lilacs and peppercorns, the apricot paste and poached peach scents fight for any territory they gain, there is a vegetal funk to it on the edges which can distract. Full-bodied and here you feel the carbonation giving it a heavy churn as well as rougher texture, drying and sandpapery. No lack of yeast, banana, clove and pepper, true to the spirit of things. Here too the fruitiness plays a second fiddle, pineapple, apricot, pear to apple. The pink grapefruit to orange citrus rich if sour. Floral and more piney than one normally gets in these brews. At times you'd likely consider it a saison. The more you sip the more it becomes heavy to a fault and finishing a bomber becomes a chore. Still, the verve and power is there and that's the main thing you expect.
3 out of 5