Three Floyds Brewing Company
Necron 99 Scortch-Style Ale
American IPA
12oz, 6-Pack
Finger plus of just off-white foam, fairly even surface with good density as well as retention as a thick coating, the lacing forms nice broad sheets with plus level stickiness. Completely cloudy and silty yellow orange colored liquid with only a few random bubbles visible, plenty of stuff floating inside. Extremely thick and pungent nose of coconut oil, butterscotch, marmalade and orange reduction, pink grapefruit pulp and then on to pineapple, papaya, mango and guava fruit, highly tropical, gluey pine sap, then a bracing shot of tar and asphalt. Full-bodied and close to immobile, feels like a weight on the tongue. The carbonation can only add prickle at the sides of the tongue. Tar, fallen autumn leaves, India rubber and damp earth make the initial impression. The vast piney qualities keeps the sweetness at bay but eventually the caramel, dough and malted milk balls even the score. Less tropical here but still mainly pineapple, guava and some apple and peach. The pink grapefruit to lime citrus recedes some here too. Made in the relentless house style, however, lacking in a clear idea of what it wants to achieve. Still, enjoyable for the sheer bombast.
4 out of 5