Three Floyds Brewing Company
Rabbid Rabbit Saison Ale
Saison/Farmhouse Ale
22oz, Single
Even a slow, careful pout fills the glass with foam, bright white and fairly dense, as it slowly dissipates leaves a solid ring around the glass like a bathtub stain. Clear golden liquid, on the dark side, hyperactive large bubbles appear to swirl around as much as up. The nose has some table cracker and pepper burst at first, grassy but also develops a sweeter side with apricot, banana, yellow apple fruit, pink bubblegum and a touch of rose petals, accents of lemon custard come and go, genially insistent overall. Full-bodied and on the creamier side, the carbonation massages more than tickles. Spicy with the black pepper eclipsed by ginger, coriander to cumin spices. Balanced out well by florality, bubblegum and croissant elements. The lemon to orange citrus is soft and sweet. Apple, pear, apricot fruit can at times add a tart twist. Does dry out some and get more herbaceous or earthy at the end but nowhere near any super-traditional Belgian saison. Very likable and approachable and nothing about it suggests exaggeration.
4 out of 5