Stoneface Brewing Co.
Blip India Pale Ale
American IPA
New Hampshire
12oz, 4-Pack
Very airy and agitated head, gets close to three fingers, bleached white, deeply dimpled surface, retention is better than expected, however, the lacing starts off as big splotches that sink down into the morass. More filmy than outright cloudy, to the transparent side of translucent, washed out yellow hued liquid, healthy amount of very large bubbles rushing up to the surface. The nose is somewhat tightly would with an emphasis on florality, orange zest, salted pretzels, snappy apple, peach fruit scents, subtler malts waft in and out, texturally it feels dry and stiff in the nostrils. Medium-bodied, likewise here too it's dry and has very good grip for its weight. The carbonation feels more like a flurry of punches than a consistent tickle. Peppery and salty, more grains than cooked bread, in fact it feels "unprocessed" on the whole like an assemblage of uncooked ingredients. Paucity of fruit, mainly apricot, peach to pear, certainly nothing tropical. More leafy than deep, resonating herbaceousness. Clean and fresh, lemon to white grapefruit citrus bite and seems at times more savory than sweet. Admirable liveliness.
3 out of 5