New Glarus Brewing Company
Thumbprint Berliner Weisse (2017)
Berliner Weissbier
12oz, 4-Pack
Pure white head, rises to over one finger, looks airy and whipped up but the retention is probably as good as it gets for this style of beer, lacing starts off broad but has no stick. Bright golden hued liquid with just the barest visible haze to it, random fat bubbles swirl upwards slowly. Bracing nose of wheat, rye and crackers, lemony and grassy, has a vinous to vinegary bite, Granny Smith apples, not a multitude of elements but they all work in harmony and flow in the same direction. Light-bodied, crisp and borderline acidic, electric presence across the palate. More earthy, herbaceous funk here, however, that lemon citrus washes off most anything in its path. The tartness does not make it all that dry and that green apple, pear and white grape fruit gives it snappy juiciness. The carbonation prickles well and it never tires. There is some corn syrup like sweetness at the finish and a gentle clove like note. The wheat component not as pronounced here, more of a supporting role. You taste it all long after you have swallowed. Immaculate presentation.
5 out of 5