18th Street Brewery
Rise Of The Angels Double India Pale Ale (With Grapefruit Zest Added)
American Double/Imperial IPA
16oz, 4-Pack
Around a finger's worth of light tan foam, even surface, quick to evaporate, the lacing is super-thin and long, not much of it. Clear coppery orange colored liquid, has a semi-metallic sheen to it, only a few random bubbles to be seen lazing about. There's a funkiness lurking in the background of the nose, then molasses, pie dough, cocoa, tea leaf, everything is relaxed to the point of inexpressivity, the advertised grapefruit zest borderline no-show, smattering of cherry, apricot fruit scents. Medium-bodied, more sour than biting, carbonation is about average and nudges things forward. Doughy and with that same distracting metallic touch. Caramelized brown sugar and molasses take the spotlight but do not work in making this a DIPA. Concentrated pineapple, mango, peach fruit lacking in tropical zing. Way hidden in the back is a nice green leafy quality which can't get to the forefront. As it tends to congeal together you fairly quickly run out of things to say. Not a bad beer by any stretch but there is nothing here which compels a need to do it all over again.
2 out of 5