Other Half Brewing Co.
True Green Double Dry Hopped Imperial India Pale Ale
American Double/Imperial IPA
New York
16oz, 4-Pack
Surprisingly thin head even with an aggressive pour, fades to a patchy surface dusting in no time, in turn the lacing slides off the glass with ease. Cloudy does not do justice to the liquid's appearance, it looks like a glass of apricot juice, fully opaque, dark yellow in color, can't fault the carbonation for failing to rise through this morass. The nose is mute and mainly orange, grapefruit citrus pith, black tea leaf, tar, dank hops and pine sap, little fruit presence, perhaps apricot or apple. Full-bodied and has the viscous consistency and weight you'd expect from how it looks. The dry hopping evident in the sticky, dry texture. Touch more sweetness and life in the tangerine, white grapefruit citrus and here florality has a puncher's chance of getting through. Pine, just mown grass, tar and a more subtle metallic edge. Star fruit, kumquat, pineapple and nectarine fruit most dominant, here too "fruity" is an unlikely descriptor. The heaviness as well as damp leafiness inhibits lift and separation of flavor components. If it was crafted for a monolithic sweep across the palate, consider it a success. Hard to imagine having two in a row.
3 out of 5