Was making a Gigante beans & artisinal baloney in Romasco/roasted red pepper sauce vaguely Portuguese dish and had the ideal wine to try:
1. Harrington Amarela St.JorgeVnyd/MokelumneRiver/Lodi RW (13.2%; 5 brls Trincadeira/1 brl TintaRoriz/1 brl AlicanteBouschet; 187 cs) 2015: Med.dark color; some earthy/mushroomy/Lodi some plummy/blackberry/boysenberry/ripe somewhat earthy/loamy bit rustic (but clean) rather interesting nose; quite tart/tangy slight metallic some Lodi/earthy/mushroomy light brisk/plummy/blackberry/lightly spicy altogether pleasant if bit rustic flavor w/ light bitey tannins; med.long rather tart/tangy/citric light plummy/blackberry/licorice fairly earthy/dusty/loamy/Lodi finsih w/ light tangy tannins; speaks strongly of Lodi but unusually tart/tangy for Lodi and avoids that soft/soupy/grapey character of many Lodi reds; resembles an Aletejo red but not as coarse/rustic as many and not the oak they sometimes have; certainly not a profound wine but very tasty & good drinking w/ the beans at a great price. $19.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The Alentejo is a large wine region East of Lisbon in the southern part of Portugal that produces a vast amount of fairly gulpable reds to accompany Portuguese fare. Not too unlike the SanJoaquinVlly in Calif. I was not looking for a serious wine w/ this dish to pontificate about (not that I've ever been known to pontificate), but just something simple/rustic. This wine exactly filled the bill. I was quite struck how much it resembled many of the Alentejo reds I've had. Amazingly well done.

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