Victory Brewing Company
Home Grown New American Lager
American Pale Lager
12oz, 6-Pack
Aggressive pour gets you under a finger of bone white head, lightly dimpled surface, any lacing forms short isolated islands rather than true streaks, retention actually halfway decent for what it is. The liquid is bright yellow yet also full of particulate which gives it a thorough haze, not that many bubbles and nothing close to beads. Upon the pour the nose leaps right out at you with a delicate floral breeze, lots of mixed white citrus zest and country style bread, salt and pepper, firm feel in the nostrils, dollop of basic peach and apricot fruit at best, no overt flaws present. Medium-bodied, extremely dry and the carbonation prickles more than expected. Freshly herbaceous with grass, lemongrass notes. Earthy as well, light metallic side, this and that salt/pepper thing tends to mask the florality or anything remotely sweet. The sour lemon citrus persists well, you almost think there's a cut lemon floating in it. Apple and pear skin, apricot pit, very little fruit pulp. The more you sip it, the heavier it feels. You could say that it works on its own terms but not interested in more than a bottle to analyze and write up.
3 out of 5