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That wine is definitely the most obstreperous of the latest wines I just sent you. Picked those grapes based on advice for some winemakers from the Alentejo. They said to not let the pH get too high so when I pulled the trigger to pick, the grower just shook his head and said he didn't pick the Trincadeira for his wines until about a month later. Sure enough, when the wine started fermenting, the aromatics were green and raw and not very appealing. I emailed my Portuguese friends about my concerns and they said, ''Relax, the green will turn into cherries.'' All the way up to bottling, I was still getting a mash-up very green flavors and aromas and had enormous doubts about the wine. I remember thinking the only way I was going to sell this wine was if it had a very pretty label. I didn't let anyone taste it for about six months after it was bottled. Then about six months ago the wine started to turn fruity and I started to get the promised cherry and boysenberry. The wine continues to get better and better as the months go by and now, believe it or not, I am almost sold out.