Clusserath, Weingut Ansgar
Mosel Saar Ruwer, Germany
Spatlese AP #5
Very matured bronze color, diminished at the rims, more shine than expected without being "shiny" per se. At first the nose is loaded with milkiness to the point of distraction, moderates with air to allow pine, orange marmalade, honey and lighter rubber accents to move forward, palpable yeasty underpinning, poached pear, peach, apricot scents thick enough to cut with a knife. Full-bodied, the acidity is weak and so movement depends on momentum from its heft. Licorice, mint, rose petals and orange spice give it a pretty side even as the anchor is more sluggish yeast and lactose notes. Vaguely stony, minimal expression of terroir. That said, immense sweetness in the apricot, apple, peach to cherry fruit, entirely satisfying in a fruit cocktail manner.
88 points