South Australia, Australia
Barossa Valley
The Moonlight Run
Filmy reddish purple core, the rims betray its age immediately, all fiery red, orange to yellow, on the dull side. The nose shows maturity as well, sandalwood incense, ginger and baking spices, pressed flowers to dried out potpourri, tea leaf, there is an offputting rubbery note that never blows off, to its credit the cherry, raspberry, blueberry fruit scents have spunk yet. Medium-bodied, has lost weight and heft so it glides in the mouth rather than grip. Not showing much tannin, acidity fares slightly better. If there was a lot of oak at the outset there's hardly any now. Spicy, some menthol and anise, again any florality dried. Here too the cherry, cranberry, raspberry fruit sweeter than might be expected. Is it past its prime? Why, yes. But no regrets finishing the glass. 45% Grenache, 40% Shiraz, 15% Cinsault.
88 points