Dupasquier, Domaine
Savoie, France
Vin de Savoie
Cloudy crimson to purple core, more of the former, rust and brick red further out with a light yellow-orange aura. The nose is muted thus even the barnyard funk and animal hide not able to make a consistent impression, a curious note of cocoa before segueing into white grapefruit, stone and firm cherry, red currant fruit scents, comes across like someone threw a wet blanket over it. In the mouth it's medium-bodied and here the acidity acts like the star of a slasher flick, blades flashing left and right. Electric white grapefruit presence. A big violets led floral musk comes out of nowhere and the muddy, earthy funk easily pushed to the side. More stony than grassy. Of all the elements the cherry, plum, blackberry fruit seems most ineffective. Overall, though, impossible to ignore when in your mouth.
90 points