Continuing to work thru my recent Harrington arrivals, I tried last night:
1. Harrington Tempesta HeirloomRanch/Lodi Calif RW (76% Corvina/24% PinotNoir; 13.2%; 100 cs) 2016: Very light garnet/near rose color; quite fragrant cherry/PN some herbal/Corvina/earthy very spicy slight mushroomy/chalky very perfumed nose; lightly tart/tangy spicy/cherry/PN some earthy/mushroomy/Lodi light/spicy very attractive flavor w/ light gentle tannins; long bright cherry/PN/very spicy/cinammon light mushroomy/earthy some complex finish w/ light gentle tannins; a rather light very spicy good drinking bit nervy/high-strung red that would not play well in Monktown; light like a rose but far more interesting and not just a simple fruity Grenache; reminds a lot of a Jura Poulsard or Pinot, some of an AltoAdige Schiava; an absolutely fascinating glou-glou red. $27.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Bryan has made the first Corvina (one of the Valpolicella grapes) in 2015. It was quite a light wine, much like this one. This year he chose to blend in some PinotNoir (from RonSiletto vnyd??) for gawd only nose what reason. works and made a very good vin de soif.